Sometimes due to issues with Windows, corrupted files or problems in the ChimpRewriter installation, the application may need a complete wipe and re-install. Most weird and unexplainable problems can be fixed with this method.

Note: Before deleting the folder listed below, please take a back up of all files in this directory as it contains your local thesaurus and project settings.

Below are the steps to accomplish this:

1. Uninstall ChimpRewriter using the Programs and Features section in "Control Panel", or using the Uninstall link in the start menu

2. Delete the folder at C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]**\AppData\Roaming\Aktura Technology (see below for notes)

3. Download the latest version from
4. Double click the downloaded file to install ChimpRewriter again
5. Once installed, run ChimpRewriter
6. Enter your email and password again when prompted. If you are not prompted, click Help->Activate License

** Replace [YOUR_USERNAME] with the username of your computer. By default, the AppData directory is hidden, so you might need to follow these instructions: