Learning to use Chimp Rewriter to write is easy. Here are a quick way to rewrite. Open Chimp Rewrite and follow this steps:

1) Click File -> New

2) Click Rewrite

3) Paste in the article

4) Click "Sentence Rewrite" right under Rewrite menu

5) Click "Phrase Spin"

You can click on "Phrase Spin" and the Software will add the Spintax. Then you can click on "OneClick Rewrite".

However, you want to click "Sentence Rewrite", then move your cursor to the word that you want to add Synonym Spintax.

For example, I move the cursor to the word "Use" and there lot of different synonym versions of the word to choose on the left side. You want to pick the one that make the most sense for the type of article you want to write.

Here is also a video on how to rewrite: