Aiditorial Article Rewriter is the best article rewriter tool. Aiditorial Article Rewriter provides alot of options to customize the software. 

The manual has a comprehensive chapter on registering your copy of Chimp Rewiter. The main point to remember is that we use the supplied email address to validate your copy against any payments made.

Therefore, if you are using the free version, then the email address can be any VALID email address (we do require confirmation to ensure the email address is valid).

HOWEVER, if you are registering a PRO version, you MUST use your Paypal email address - that is the email address you use to log into Paypal. Upon payment, we receive an email from Paypal with your payment details (amount paid, payment date and login email address). We use this to confirm your payment status and ultimately to authorize your copy of Chimp Rewriter on your computer.

Therefore please remember - always use your Paypal login email address when registering Chimp Rewriter.

We do have Stripe payment if you don't have Paypal account.

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