Aiditorial Article Rewriter is the best article rewriter tool. Aiditorial Article Rewriter provides alot of options to customize the software.   

Yes, but you need to run it under Parallels or Virtual Box or winhq.



We highly recommend Virtual Box. It is a free download from

Chimp Rewriter API Documentation

Another option is to use API key that is part of the subscription. Use the following steps:

1) Logon to member area using your email ID and password

2) Copy the API Key from your account

3) Open this URL

4) Paste the API Key

5) Enter your account email address

6) Paste or enter the text you want to rewrite

7) Press Submit

8) Copy the Aiditorial Rewriter Text into your favorite word editor

9) You're now ready to rewrite

Please visit here for more FAQ.

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