We are planning another beta release very soon. I has hoping to get it done last weekend, but we ran out of time to test all features. We are a team member short (travelling) and we have a public holiday this week as well, so timing is not great. 

We will be adding a number of new features and improvements as per usual.

We don't subscribe to the same model as many other spinners and release new patches every other day. Instead we test our releases internally rather than release them to the wild and wait for people to report what doesn't work. I can't believe people put up with this with other spinners.

Anyway, we were hoping to release formally before Christmas but we delayed this as some people are experiencing intermittent crashes. We will not release until this is resolved.

Hopefully we will release around mid February.

Our release model is this:

Alpha: Internal testing only
Beta: Public free release for entire beta period
Release: As Beta has literally 1000's of users, we have decided not to go to release candidate phase.

Chimp Rewriter is actually more stable now than SpinChimp and of course way more stable than our competition. Don't let the Beta flag put you off. It is free to use, so there is no harm in trying it out. It can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download   All we ask is that you report a bug if you are not happy with the interface, the feature set or find a bug. Support requests can be lodged here http://support.akturatech.com/ .

People with a valid SpinChimp license will be upgraded to Chimp Rewriter for free.

Development on SpinChimp stopped many months ago. I would not install it if you are using Chimp Rewriter. Chimp Rewriter has many more features than SpinChimp and literally 100's of times saving improvements.