Chances are that ChimpRewriter is unable to contact the internet to register.

ChimpRewriter Blocked from Internet Access

There are various firewalls and even virus protection software that will block new applications by default, depending on their settings. Sometimes they won't even tell you that an application is blocked!

Have a look in the settings for your firewall or virus protection and allow ChimpRewriter to access the internet. Although rare, be sure to check the Windows Firewall in Control Panel. If you are comfortable with doing so, you can temporarily disable your firewall to verify if it is blocking the application.

Invalid Proxy Setup

Windows applications will by default attempt to use any proxies set up in Internet Explorer. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools -> Internet Options. Move to the Connections tab and click LAN Settings. If you have a proxy configured, make sure it is valid, otherwise disable it.

Various programs can also route your internet connection through web proxies. If you have one of these, you will know what we're talking about. Double check your proxy app is working.

Send Support Package

If these options didn't work, contact us and we will send you some instructions which will enable you to send us some important information about your installation.

To Activate Chimp Rewriter Software.

1) Download Chimp Rewriter Software:

2) Install the Software

3) Click HELP -> Activate License

4) Enter Your ID and Password