So you're having trouble with Basic? Let's get it sorted out!

This is the usual process:

1. Download the latest version at

2. Install the application by double clicking the downloaded file

3. Run the application, you will be prompted for email/password

4. Enter your email a password and click next

5. You will be prompted for your name to sign up to the email list (required for Basic version). Enter it and click next

6. Check your email (including spam). Give it up to 10 minutes just in case but it should be pretty quick. Click the confirmation link

7. Back in the application, click next again and you should get a license

8. The application will automatically download the thesaurus

9. You're good to go!

Now if you are having trouble at one of the above points, let us know which number you're having trouble with and if there are any error messages displayed. For example, if there is an error in registration, you should get a message on the activation wizard that will say exactly what the problem is. Open a ticket and let us know what the error is and we will be able to sort it out ASAP :)